The partnership with Tgroups has been successful. The assimilation of the consultant based extension teams into the Project was accelerated through the presence of an in-house relationship manager from TGroups. The consultant teams demonstrated advanced project management capabilities and excellent technical skills. TGroups teams have become an invaluable part of high-visibility projects and have helped in-house project teams in automating processes and meeting tight deadlines. Tgroups consultants have been extremely responsive.
Development Manager
US based provider of Library Automation Solutions
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  • TGroups LLC
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  • Phone: 312-893-5074
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Clients FAQ's

How long has your company been in business?
TGroups was incorporated in 2006.

Do you provide services nationally?
Yes, TGroups can provide services anywhere in the United States.

Can I visit your company?
Yes.  TGroups has an open-door policy to current and prospective clients.  You are welcome to schedule a site visit at any time.  Most visits include a site tour and meetings with TGroups recruiters and management.  TGroups can also help you streamline your interview process by arranging for and holding multiple interviews with candidates at our office.

Do you provide background checks?
Background check is done for our consultants before they are sent to the client site.

Do you verify employment and education?
We have the ability to verify employment and degrees.

Can TGroups assist in scoping projects?
TGroups has technical experts on staff that can scope your projects and deliver implementation, migration and upgrade strategies.

Can you help me choose between a contract or permanent hiring solution?
We have helped many of our clients successfully implement staffing strategies.  A personal understanding of the client’s environment is a great place to start.  Scheduling a client visit from account manager will provide an opportunity to discuss contract or permanent staffing strategies and effective approaches.

What service does an account manager provide?
Account manager is your single point of contact for taking advantage of all the services TGroups provides.  He or she can help you define your specific needs.  This may include a process of assessing required skills taking into account the availability of the skill sets you seek.  He always strives to provide cost effective solutions.

Account Manager will do the final screening of all candidates after they are filtered through our recruiting process.  Once you select candidates you are interested in, your account manager sets up interviews and candidates post-interview will extend the offer to the candidate you select.  Finally, the account manager secures a commitment and establishes a start date once the candidate accepts.

Can we hire your consultants?
Contact your account manager for additional details.

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